TWENTY20 CONFERENCE: who should attend

black alumni


This conference was developed by black alumni leaders from ten partnering schools to help us unpack new opportunities, examine trends, and share best practices with each other.   If you are an alumnus of a partnering school and would like to attend, please contact your black alumni association.  If you did not attend a partnering school and would like to participate, please contact us here. 

faculty and staff


 Faculty and staff are the most important assets that a college or university can offer to students, as they inspire a lifetime of learning.  They also influence engagement levels for alumni, which impact their potential  and willingness to give back.  The unique dialogue at this conference will maximize and uplift the leadership experience for you, the learning experience for students, and the lifelong impact for alumni.

alumni association leaders


Alumni association leaders have an important responsibility in laying the foundation for continued success, innovation, and growth of their alumni base.  Instilling a sense of pride, spirit, and excitement is central to the legacy of your work, and this conference serves as a tool in leadership development, strategic planning, and collaborative engagement with peers from across multiple universities.   

diversity leaders


Professionals in diversity set the vision for inclusion, access, and equity for black students and alumni.  This conference stimulates a substantial conversation  with black alumni across universities, which ultimately will enhance how you shape the educational journey both on campus and beyond. 



Conference attendees will be highly active and respected leaders and professionals, which represents a key market for businesses seeking successful client relationships.    By supporting this African American initiative in higher education, you can stand even more firmly behind your commitment to diversity, inclusion, access, and equity.

higher education professionals


Dialogue at this conference will address the changing dynamics and opportunities in higher education and the post secondary experience.  As the conference sessions explore innovative ideas, it is imperative that this work be informed by you, the talented and dedicated professionals in higher education that shape experiences for students and alumni.