The Black Alumni Summit is a 100% volunteer-based organization whose mission is to unify and empower black alumni individuals and groups through civic engagement, economics, and advocacy. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring together alumni from across a number of schools in this fun-filled occasion. 

The cruise will serve as an opportunity for black alumni and friends from all schools to convene around fellowship and fun-filled activities. The 2020 Black Alumni Summit cruise is reflective of one of Six Pillars of Impact around Celebrating Our Universities. As part of this pillar, the Summit creates outreach and engagement opportunities like never before. These fellowship opportunities convene alumni from across generations and help us celebrate our connection to our universities and, more importantly, to each other.

The Black Alumni Summit is pleased to invite submissions from travel agents to plan a cruise in summer 2020 with Turks and Caicos being a desired component of the itinerary. 

  • RFP Release: August 8, 2019 
  • Written questions: Due by 5:00 pm ET on August 13, 2019 
  • Written questions answered and provided to all bidders: August 16, 2019 
  • Proposals Due: Due by 5:00 pm ET August 23, 2019 
  • Selection of Finalists: August 27, 2019 
  • Interview Finalists (if applicable): by August 29, 2019 
  • Notify Recipient and all Bidders: by September 6, 2019  

All questions, inquires, and request for clarification are due by 5:00 pm on August 13, 2019 to: blackalumnisummit @)

Issuance of this RFP in no way constitutes a commitment by Black Alumni Summit to award a contract. Black Alumni Summit reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or portions of proposals received in response to this RFP, to request modifications or clarification of any part of a proposal, or to cancel this RFP if it is in the best interest of Black Alumni Summit to do so. Black Alumni Summit may reject any proposal if it is considered incomplete or conditional, contains irregularities, or does not meet qualifications, requirements, or specifications. Failure to furnish all information may disqualify the proposal.

Proposals and any other materials submitted to Black Alumni Summit in response to this RFP will become the exclusive property of Black Alumni Summit upon receipt and will not be returned.

Black Alumni Summit is not liable for any costs incurred as a result of responding to this RFP.

All information provided by Black Alumni Summit in this RFP is offered in good faith. Individual items are subject to change at any time. Black Alumni Summit is not responsible or liable for any use of the information or for any claims asserted there from.

Black Alumni Summit will make a good faith effort to provide a written response to questions and requests for clarification that requires addenda by August 16, 2019. All questions, answers, and addenda will be shared with all bidders directly.


Vendors must send proposals in electronic copy via email, on or prior to August 23, 2019 5:00 pm ET to:

Each proposal should provide a straightforward, concise description of the agency's ability to meet the requirements of this RFP. Proposals should be limited to 5 pages plus annexes and should not contain, unsolicited, extraneous or duplicative information.


  1. Please provide your website that informs prospective clients about travel agency services.  
  2. Please provide 2-3 testimonials from previous clients.  
  3. What is your travel specialty (cruise, land, air, rail, motorcoach, destination, or combination of all)? 
  4. Is your travel agency independent, or is it part of a larger company? 
  5. Please document your agency’s service charges and planning fees.  
  6. Please describe the booking methods, hours of operation, and support team for questions. 
  7. What is your refund policy? 
  8. What is your cancellation policy?  


  1. Please share a brief description and/or list of travel agent services that will be part of planning and executing the 2020 Black Alumni Summit cruise.  
  2. Please provide a brief statement of how the travel agent would make this a memorable experience for black alumni from different schools. 
  3. Please provide an example of a cruise itinerary that the agent has successfully implemented.  
  4. Please provide a description of website or webpage that the travel agent would create to for the Black Alumni Summit cruise to inform cruise participants about payment, making reservations, onboard activities, and other planning details.  
  5. Please include any cruise line protection options as well as the agency plans. 
  6. Please share the methods and vehicle of payments that will be available for those intending to purchase this Turks and Caicos cruise.  
  7. How would you advise the following: 

  • Air travel: Will you handle air travel for attendees needing to fly to port? 
  • What is your process for handling this including any fee? 
  • Will you handle hotel stays before or after cruise for attendees needing this service? 
  • What is your process for handling this including any fee? 
  • Do you have the ability to set up motorcoach travel to and from the port?  
  • How will you determine how to use any amenity points or Tour Conductor (TC) credits? 

We appreciate your proposals and look forward to advancing next steps.  

Please submit your proposal to blackalumnisummit (@) by 5:00 pm on Friday, August 23, 2019. 


How many nights will the cruise be?

We hope to find a cruise between 4-5 nights that will accommodate  the preferred destination of Turks & Caicos.