2019 giving tuesday challenge


As part of our work to strengthen the culture of philanthropy for black alumni organizations and groups, we are excited to celebrate Giving Tuesday in a fun and creative way this year.  


For the #2019GivingTuesdayChallenge, each participating black alumni association/group can encourage their alumni base and friends to make a gift to their black alumni association/group on Giving Tuesday, which is December 3, 2019.   

The black alumni association with the highest amount of funds raised for their group will win the challenge.  Friends and donors must make their gift on Giving Tuesday, and all donors can participate. Black alumni associations can direct donors to give to any purpose of their choosing (scholarship fund, operations, etc.).

No gift is too small (or too large!). 

Here are a few FAQ's 

  1. What is the criteria of the #GivingTuesdayChallenge?   The black alumni association with the highest amount raised for their group on Giving Tuesday (December 3, 2019) wins the challenge. 
  2. How can we register for the Challenge?  Leaders of black alumni associations (President, Chair, or other leader role) can commit via e-mail to blackalumnisummit@gmail.com as early as October 25, 2019. Organizations can begin sharing details about the #GivingTuesdayChallenge as soon as they register.  The deadline for registration is November 15, 2019. 
  3. How do we know which organizations are involved?  As soon as an organization registers, it will be announced on the Black Alumni Summit Facebook page.  Also, all participating schools will be shared again on November 15, 2019.  
  4. How can black alumni associations ensure maximum participation of donors?  Associations distribute information about the challenge on social media, newsletters, etc. leading up to December 3, 2019.  Each participating school will receive a spreadsheet with draft language that they can revise and post to help encourage participation. 
  5. What’s the maximum number of donors?  There is no maximum number of donors. This challenge is open to friends, alumni, donors, and all who wish to make a gift.  
  6. How do we know which school won the challenge? All participating schools must submit their total amount of funds raised by December 6, 2019 (along with a record of gifts that were made on December 3, 2019) via e-mail to blackalumnisummit@gmail.com.  The winner of the challenge will be announced on December 10, 2019.  
  7. Are there any prizes?  The winner of the #GivingTuesdayChallenge will win two free registrations for the Twenty20 Black Alumni Summit Conference hosted by Florida State University.

Please email us at blackalumnisummit (@) gmail.com if you have any questions.