Partnering Schools represent the black alumni associations, groups, and volunteers that have formed the Black Alumni Summit.  Many thanks for all you do!

A few details about Partnering Schools: 

  • At this early stage of our development, the Black Alumni Summit is 100% volunteer driven.
  • Black alumni groups do not have to be formal black alumni associations to join as a Partnering School.  


  • Partnering Schools lend their support primarily through the Black Alumni Summit's national conference, which will take place next February 28 + 29, 2020, and it will be hosted by FSU Black Alumni.
  • For attending the Twenty20 Conference, there is a $130 registration fee.  
  • All travel and accommodations expenses to attend the conference are the responsibility of individual attendees.  For the previous conference, many universities or primary alumni associations offered financial support for members of their Black Alumni Associations/Groups to attend.

From a time and volunteer perspective, we ask that black alumni associations wishing to be a Partner School commit to: 

  1. Appoint two representatives to serve on the annual conference planning committee  (we have a monthly call + time dedicated to each person's volunteer role)   
  2. Support the annual conference by registering 5-8 participants.
  3. Allow the use of your alumni association logo on our Partnering Schools page and related materials. 

If you would like to learn more about  becoming a Partnering School, please contact us at blackalumnisummit (@) 

For organizations/groups that no longer wish to be Partnering Schools, please  let us know by sending communication on organizational letterhead with two signatures, ideally from board members or other alumni leaders.