join us in tallahassee!


2020 will be our year. 

It is not only the year of the next presidential election;  it is also the year of the next U.S. Census.  

To help inform and inspire the work of black alumni groups, associations and networks, the 2020 Black Alumni Summit conference theme will be on motivating civic engagement, voter registration, census participation, and local political leadership. 


There are discounted rates for current students, Trailblazing Alumni (those who graduated in the 60s and 70s), and groups of 7 or more.   


 Be sure to pack your university gear for the conference time during Friday and Saturday (comfortable and casual with your university logos),  dress to impress for our evening activities (think upscale tailgate for our nights out on the Tallahassee town), and university pride for our Community Service Day on Sunday (comfortable clothes with university logos).  Don't forget to bring your university flags and swag to #CelebrateYourSchools! 

Click here to register for the conference. 

Updated:  January 14, 2020



We have checked the box on our first step (formal approval of our name, which will be slightly different).  We'll be announcing that soon.  

We are in the process of securing our board, and this group will be the first group to lead the work and vision of this national collective.  We invite 5-7 individuals to be on the nonprofit’s inaugural board (term is 2 years and renewable), and we especially invite individuals that have demonstrated:  

1) Leadership or service with the black alumni association/group of a Partnering School;  

2) Leadership in his/her professional field;  

3) Participation across the Six Pillars of Impact;  

4) Willingness to support fundraising, and 

5) Being based in a major city for black alumni would be helpful (Atlanta, DC area, New York, etc.).  Updated:  January 14, 2020



 Benjamin Crump represents clients in some of the most important and contentious cases of our time, taking a place in legal history with his pursuit of justice.

His role in the Trayvon Martin, Martin Lee Anderson Boot Camp, Jannie Ligons (State of Oklahoma vs. Daniel Holtzclaw) and Robbie Tolan cases shows a legacy built around the idea that the Constitution applies to everyone, at every level of society.

Mr. Crump’s passion for advocacy has given him the privilege to fight for justice on behalf of the marginalized in our country, a calling to which he remains dedicated.

We look forward to welcoming Attorney Crump as part of our Twenty20 Conference in Tallahassee this February, and you can read more about his work here.  

Updated:  January 14, 2020