During this year's Giving Tuesday (which will be on December 3, 2019), we are organizing the #2019GivingTuesdayChallenge, and we hope you will participate!  

In the challenge, donors make their gift to black alumni associations that are participating on Giving Tuesday, and all donors can participate. The black alumni association with the highest amount of funds raised for their group on December 3, 2019 will win the challenge.  No gift is too small (or too large!).  Black alumni associations can direct donors to give to any purpose of their choosing (scholarship fund, operations, etc.).

Additional details are available here. 

Updated:  November 11, 2019



We are excited to launch a nonprofit organization with a name  and board of directors that are reflective of our collaborative mission. 

Name change:  Members of our Leadership Working Group are researching options for our new name, and we appreciate your input and suggestions!

 Board of Directors:  We invite 5-7 individuals to be on the nonprofit’s inaugural board, and we especially invite individuals that have demonstrated:  

1) Leadership or service with the black alumni association/group of a Partnering School;  

2) Leadership in his/her professional field;  

3) Participation across the Six Pillars of Impact;  

4) Willingness to support fundraising, and 

5) Being based in a major city for black alumni would be helpful (Atlanta, DC area, New York, etc.).    

Updated:  October 10, 2019

Welcome to Citadel african american alumni association!


  We welcome the Citadel African American Alumni Association (CA4) to the Black Alumni Summit as our newest Partnering School!

CA4 was launched on  November 5,

2016, during the celebration activities highlighting the 50th anniversary of Charles Foster as the

first African-American cadet to enter the Citadel.

The mission of CA4 is threefold:

1. First, CA4 members will be active participants in mentoring cadets, partnering with the

Diversity Council to assist assigning select cadets as mentees.

2. Second, the organization is charged with raising funds for scholarships targeted to African-

American cadets.

3. Third, CA4 will work to ensure that school officials remain focused on diversity issues across

all echelons of campus life. From recruiting future African-American cadets, to supporting the

recruitment and hiring of a diverse permanent faculty and military staff, CA4 will remain

available as an avid resource.

Many congratulations for all that you do!

Updated:  October 31, 2019